Did you know…you may purchase tickets for our upcoming events by phone?
You may now request special arrangements or bookings for your special events and private parties online (fill out form below), or by calling us! Please give us notice of two or more business days when responding online so that our system has time to notify us. If you need faster response, please call us at (352) 735-2551.

AVAILABILITY NOTE: Bookings are available during regular business hours, except when indicated below on the calendar. The most likely reason for this is a community event blocking the streets. Please Note: In some cases, only certain hours are blocked out for special events; click the date to read the full posting by hovering or clicking the arrow over the date to read more information or call if you have any questions prior to making your reservation.

We make every possible effort to seat you when your reservation date and time have arrived. Please remember that when you arrive if our restaurant is full we will make every effort to get your party in quickly. Reservations are put before walk-in customers. Please respect the other guests that are in the restaurant and be patient…since we are unique we have days that are more popular than others including weekends and festival times.

Please indicate if you are coming in for a specific food item– as we sometimes seat over 100 guests daily– and may sell out popular items like scones especially late in the day. So to avoid disappointment, please use the section for special requests to let us know this in advance so that we will have those items ready for you.

In order for your RESERVATION to be considered, Please fill all fields correctly prior to submitting the form at the bottom of this page. **Please note that all the boxes with a red (*) are mandatory fields that must be filled out in order to receive your reservation!