Happy New Year! Closing early December 31, 2013 @ 3:00pm; Closed New Years Day!

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Happy New Year! Closing early December 31, 2013 @ 3:00pm; Closed New Years Day!

Happy New Year! Thank you so very much for your continued patronage this past year. It is so encouraging to have you appreciate the culinary artistry of our team. The ritual of the New Year’s resolution is reflection. Resolution is a pretty powerful word. Another year of changing events to contemplate has just rolled over and we are given the opportunity to make a mentally framed amendment to have the courage to improve our weaknesses, strengthen and change our path and challenge our world for the coming year.

A New Year starts with a fresh outlook and many things to be grateful for are remembered. First we remember the faces of all the customers that have found us for the first time and enjoyed their experience enough to tell us in person or write something nice on the web about us, or tell another person to come visit us. We sincerely appreciate the accolades, and so does our staff. Those simple gestures make all the hard work worthwhile.

It is no secret that small businesses have had a challenging couple of years. In an unstable economy we are humbled by the amount of people that come back to us while they are on vacation to spend a few hours with us from all parts of the world and the United States. It is our pleasure to serve those travelers and welcome you back each and every time you are able to visit. We hope that you find something new and different that excites you. We hope you enjoy the subtle changes mixed in with our growing British memorabilia.

To our many regular supporters who visit us weekly we hope to continue to deliver and go beyond meeting your expectations. We take pride in what we do and hope to increase the numbers of people who call The Windsor home. Thank you to those of you that have pointed out things that we may have overlooked so that we can improve and grow. You can not take back mistakes, but you can learn from them. We notice and appreciate the growing numbers of locals who are supporting small business. Our breakfast on Saturday, and Sunday is growing thanks to everyone that has spread the word.

We have had an extremely challenging summer with all of the construction on Fourth Avenue, but thankfully our customers came in like clockwork and supported us through all the dust and destruction. Thanks to everyone who supported us in that tough time.

We have many plans for the New Year and with your help and support we can achieve our goals. We are continuing our entertainment evenings built around dinners and some upcoming regular extended hours to try new things. Please subscribe to our website so that you will know first our upcoming events. We have a small room which makes it ideal for an intimate evening of entertainment and fun events. We hope to continue bringing fresh ideas in the New Year.  Please stop in and visit, and bring your friends.

We could not be who we are without recognizing all of our wonderful staff. A very special Thank you goes out to all of the extremely talented people that have entertained audiences in our restaurant this year! If you missed them in 2013, there is always a new year…

Our thanks go to:

Richard Barker, the Incredible Hypnotist.

The Encore Singers; Carlton Kirkpatrick, Karen Marshall, John McIntosh, and Patti Jo Stephens.

*Connie  Gay, for weekly storytelling with Dixie, and as characters; “Dora Drawdy”, “Betsy Ross”, “Florence Nightingale”, “Mrs. Christmas”, and “Davina” in the Wicked Windsor performances.

Jeff Gay, as characters “Ben Franklin”, and “Cecil” in the Wicked Windsor performances.

Miguel Gonzalez, the “Guitar Whisperer”.

George Grosman and Joe Fritz, two swinging hep cats on guitar and clarinet.

Nici Haerter, classical harpist.

Karen Marshall, as “Maria Callas, La DaVina”, and as part of “The Encore Singers”.

Gary Marshall, sound and theatre props.

Dikki-Jo Mullen, Astrologer-Parapsychologist.

Jamie “The Psychic” Southworth.

The Storytellers of Central Florida; Pete Abdalla, Bill Cordell, Autumn Garrick, Mitchell O’Rear, Madeline Pots, Kay Pritcher, and Robin Schulte (President and facilitator) thanks for sharing all the great stories this year!

Imagine all this talent throughout 2013 under one roof! A very hearty round of applause from all of us that enjoyed each of your performances!




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