New Venue: Holiday Dinner Show with Alan Darcy, Friday December 22, 2017 Read Update

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New Venue: Holiday Dinner Show with Alan Darcy, Friday December 22, 2017 Read Update

We have had to re-schedule Alan’s Holiday Show to our friends across the bricks–The Magical Meat Boutique at: 112 W. Third Street, Mount Dora 32757– Phone: 352-729-6911. Alan Darcy will be performing between 7:00pm- 9:00pm. There is no entrance fee, and you may purchase food and drinks from the menu on the premises. You may call for reservations.

Alan Darcy is a composer, vocal artist, flutist and sax-maniac! His performances are legendary whether he is featured within a group or as a solo artist. Please be sure to attend his special Holiday evening event.

This will be quite an evening full of cheerful holiday songs with MOMENTUM and some new material so come with your friends, make a friend, bring your loved ones, and embrace the artistry of Alan Darcy in downtown Mount Dora as he cranks up the sax, and dons his hat and flies up high with Dasher, Dancer, Donner, Blixon, Comet, Cupid, Rudolph, and most of all becomes Vixon with his saxxy licks.–

Why the sudden change in venue?

I have announced this cancellation at the Windsor and relocation of the show with deep regret, because to me, having Alan perform at Christmas is a present to myself. I am certain that if you are one of our regular customers and have wondered why you have not seen me at the Windsor it has been with a very serious reason. I was diagnosed with an aggressive stage of Breast Cancer in October of this year. While I have had the surgery already there have been some complications and have thrust me into another tier–tier two on the Breast Cancer scale. I have to have another procedure which is scheduled for December 22, 2017 which is why I have to change the location of the show. I will be undergoing both chemotherapy and radiation therapy which will begin in the first week in January for about four months. You may only see glimpses of me from time to time at the Windsor, but I want you all to know I think about all of our loyal customers and I personally want to wish you all a very happy, healthy and safe holiday. This cancellation truly breaks my heart because I look forward to it every year. If you have been in recently you will have noticed that I have put up a Breast Cancer awareness Christmas Tree in my dining room. I have always been a fighter and a survivor.  Don’t worry this may temporarily dampen my spirit, but my hope to all that share in this disease is that it will eventually be cured. TO EVERYONE, HAPPY HOLIDAYS–LOVE, MARSHA





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