Bring Your Party Here! For more info press “Read More”

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Bring Your Party Here! For more info press “Read More”









Party Size:

We can take private party bookings up to our seating capacity of 48 people for reunions, wedding showers, bridal showers, school and church outings or corporate events. Daytime and evening hours are available to book your party.

We understand that being the organizer of a large party is a tough responsibility, so we try to make it as simplified as possible. You may choose specific items off of our menu within your price point and offer a small range of menu items to your group. Since everything that we make is fresh and made to order we need an accurate count of people attending the party five days before your event. Within three days prior to the event we need to know the food items your guests will be having. Numbers have a tendency to fluctuate– you have an add on or a cancellation of an invitee– so we need to get the final count the day before your event. If your guests drop out after you have given the final food count you will be charged for those meals, and offered them to go. That way we are prepared and everyone’e expectations are met.

All parties over 12 people will need to be confirmed with a reservation, and a deposit. There are always exceptions to the rule when you have booked with us before as a corporation, or a tour bus–these need to be discussed with the Owners.

** For large parties over 15 people there is a $50.00 deposit to confirm your reservation which is applied to the room charge; we allow one and a half hour sitting time for the fifty dollars. Additional charges will be incurred if your party goes over the one and one-half hour mark. The cost for a weekend booking will be higher as it is our busiest time. The time of year and the day of the week are also factors in the cost of your room charge. Depending upon the time of year, and the day of the week that you plan your party, your room charge may be $100.00 for each additional hour or $200.00 additional per hour for a CLOSED room. Remember, we incur extra costs to keep our staff on after hours and incur additional utility costs.

Party Planning:

When you are planning your party you will want to call us first to determine if there is an event that conflicts with your date. Sometimes we may have another party booking, or perhaps we can not honor reservations because the town of Mount Dora has the streets blocked off for an event and getting to us is a problem.

All parties are first come first serve. If you want a specific date you will need to pay the deposit upfront to lock in your date, details can always be worked out closer to the event. In busy season: (PEAK TIMES–October through May) we are in great demand so it is quite possible when you call to ask about a particular date and it is available but don’t put down the $50 deposit you may lose out to a person calling for the same date that chooses to put the deposit in first. All party deposits are forfeited 48 hours prior to a party if you have to cancel your party. You have made a commitment and we have turned down other potential parties. Sometimes, things happen and have to be re-scheduled; in those cases we can apply your deposit to the new date but only 48 hours out from the date of the party.

For weekend bookings, breakfast time is an option between 9:00 am and 11:00 am. There is a 10:45 slot that allows your party time to arrive and be seated, visit and get the beverage order in and order lunch at 11:15 am. With larger parties under twelve the maximum seating time is one and one half hour without a room fee. **If you would like to stay longer it is a charge of $100.00 for an additional hour during peak times.

Please remember we are a small venue that has most of our clientele visit on the weekend so if you are taking a block of time away from our loyal customers we have to have a room charge.

We can start a private party at either 3:00 pm or 4:45 pm on most weekends where we are not planning an evening event at the Windsor that can last until 4:30 pm or  6:15 pm respectively with a room charge. For additional time it is $100.00 per hour after 6:15. If your event is CLOSED as a private party the minimum hourly rate is $200.00 per hour.

For those parties that want a meet and greet this time frame is perfect and we can offer hors d’oerves and beer and wine for a set fee per person.

All parties that are not tax exempt must cover the 7% sales tax fee, and a 20% gratuity is added to all large parties.

For specific events, prices and partnerships with our local merchants for out of town guests please phone and ask for Marsha Goodale.

We try to work with every business organization, non-profits, wedding receptions, or just “get-togethers” with friends and family at affordable prices.


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Make your visit to the Windsor a real EVENT by adding these options for groups: entertainment, choose from our list of entertainers, those prices would be subject to their booking fees.


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