Closed Wed. & Thurs Nov 25, & 26 for Thanksgiving!

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Closed Wed. & Thurs Nov 25, & 26 for Thanksgiving!

Be safe and wear a mask, wash your hands, protect yourself and others!

We will be closed on Wednesday, as it is our normal day off and Thursday for Thanksgiving.  This is like a little bonus for all of our employees that get to spend the holiday with their family.

We will be open Fri, Sat, Sun. from 11:00 am – 4:30 pm.

To make reservations for another day or to confirm our hours please call 352-735-2551.

I have one more reason to be thankful. Paul and I both had COVID this summer, and we barely made it. We are dealing with some side-effects but I am thankful that overall we beat the odds and beat COVID!

Thanks to all of our medical personnel across America and the world, the military and all of the first responder’s as we honor you today. We are proud of all those that have given of themselves and sacrificed so much to secure our safety from this out of control pandemic.


We always appreciate our loyal customer base and we have seen many of our regulars come back to us since the spread of COVID. We are thankful for all of you, please stay safe this holiday so we can all spend more time together in the future.

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