Limited Reservations available for the Craft Fair October 27 & 28, 2018! Call 352-735-2551

We don’t need the Royal Town Crier to announce the Craft Festival because over 350,000 people usually attend every year! What is news is that we will be taking limited reservations up to parties of six from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm. Parties larger than six may be seated separately. We will need to know if you are in a wheelchair as those spots are limited. We also need to know if you will need a highchair as those are limited. Stroller space is limited to infants under age one. The stroller will remain outside but a child’s carrier may easily fit into one of our seats. Accredited service dogs only. The reservation is honored five minutes either side of the time you have been given, otherwise we will give the table to the next in line. If you think you can not make the reservation window call to see if we can re-schedule your time slot.

We usually have a limited menu for the Craft Fair for both breakfast and lunch. Breakfast will be served at 9:00 am until 10:45 am and lunch will begin at 11:10 am-until 5:00 pm.

We are a very small and popular restaurant with only 50 seats. This is the first time we have taken reservations for the Craft Fair so we would appreciate your compliance and courtesy to all patrons so that we can accommodate the walk-ins, and those waiting in line to get into the Windsor by not lingering at a table once you have finished your meal. The customary tip should be at least 18%, and parties with 6 people will be charged a 20% tip. We prefer cash and one check per table on these busy days. It is very hard to process multiple check cards as each vendor is also using the data system and the processing takes longer on festival days.

We appreciate your cooperation in advance to make your experience both relaxing and enjoyable.

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