Now Featuring a taste of Keel & Curley Wine with your favorite entree!






We have discovered a little Napa Valley in our Florida backyard! Keel & Curley wine has become one of our favorites to serve with our entrees and desserts! We took a drive down to the winery located near Tampa Bay to visit and to try all of the wines. We have the Key West Key Lime wine just perfect for summer, a zesty lime with a hint of coconut laced with clean crisp grapes…it goes so well with Quiche or the Chicken salad. We have the Keel & Curley traditional Chardonnay, or our favorite: the Peach Chardonnay–this is the most delicate taste of sweet peach, with crisp grape and honey, a natural paring with any of the cottage, chicken, or steak pies or on it’s own with a scone! We have also brought in the Wild Berry Pinto Noir, and the Black Raspberry Merlot, which when served cold has their own distinctive flavors. The Keel & Curley Tangerine Tango blush is a perfect blend of citrus and grape. The Sangria is delightfully fruity. We haven’t met a Keel & Curley that we don’t like. We are still carrying all of our other wine selections, but these are truly refreshing and worth a little taste when you come in!



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