Closed July 04, 2018–!Be Safe and Celebrate your freedom!

We will be closed on July 04, 2018 because it falls on a Wednesday. Since we are always closed on Wednesdays all of our employees get to spend the holiday with their family. To make reservations for another day or to confirm hours please call 352-735-2551.

Thanks to all of our military and first responder’s as we honor you today. We are proud of all those that have given and sacrificed to secure our freedom. This is my Father’s grave site in Jefferson Barracks a Military cemetary in St. Louis, Missouri.

Anyone dressed in Military clothing, or can show a Military ID, or First Responder’s ID or uniform is entitled to a complimentary champagne Mimosa, beer, or complimentary dessert with the purchase of any entree through July 08, 2018.


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