Viva Italia! A Holiday Dinner with Safia Hudson; she sings and swings! Dec. 08, 2017

What a treat! Spend a evening with Safia for the holidays! Mamma Mia! What a songstress! Safia Hudson delivers on so many levels! This time she is throwing a bit of Broadway and Holiday tunes! She sings little jazz ditties, that literally swings while we twirl our forks!  Safia is famous for her sing-a-long favorite pop songs in French, Italian, and American to engage the room. When she really shines is when she takes on an operatic aria an sings like an angel–this is where she hits her stride, and the goosebumps appear and the hair on the back of your neck stands up!

DOORS OPEN AT 6:30PM, RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED! You must decide on your appetizer, and your entrée as you make your reservation. Safia sells out so be sure to call in your reservation @ 352-735-2511, or go on EZ Ticket to purchase your ticket.

The price of your dinner includes entertainment, appetizer, entrée, soft drinks of your choice, tea and coffee and a champagne toast. The ticket price does NOT include the 7% sales tax, 20% gratuity, desserts, or alcoholic beverages, these will be added to your evening ticket.


Entrée Selections:

Cornish Hen 

Vegetarian Pasta Primavera 

Veal Saltimbocca. Veal medallions with sage, slices of ham, cheese and white wine. 

Grilled Haddock



Product Options
1Mixed Green Salad 48
2Caprese Salad 48
3Grilled Haddock$45.0048
4Cornish Hen$45.0048
5Veal Saltimbocca$45.0048
6Vegetarian Pasta Primavera$40.0048
Shipping Rate:

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