English Cornish Pasty

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A classic mix of sirloin steak, potatoes, carrots, rutabaga, onions, garlic, and traditional seasonings baked in a pastry turnover- served with your choice of mashed potatoes and a side of gravy or HP sauce and a side salad.


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Cottage Pie

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A traditional English meal of fresh ground beef, carrots and peas in a rich gravy, topped with a mound of whipped potatoes and melted cheddar cheese and served with a side of  HP sauce. Served with a side salad. This is a “Gluten-Free” pie as it has no crust.


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Hurricane Closures Sept. 2,3, re-open Sept. 05

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We are being cautious. As of the weather forecast of August 30, 2019 we are altering our hours of operation. We will be CLOSED on Monday September 02, Tuesday September 03, (Always CLOSED ON WEDNESDAY) and will re-open Thursday September 05, 2019 weather permitting. With expected power outtages we can not predict what next week holds. If power hold you may call our answering machine at 352-735-2551 or make reservations over the internet at marshagoodale.com. We will be updating this site in the event that the...

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Lemon Blueberry Mascarpone Cake

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This cake is so light it will melt in your mouth! The lemon is subtle and the blueberries are mixed in the cake. A lovely Mascarpone filling between the layers gives it a light sweetness. The cake is served with a blueberry drizzle and whipped cream. One piece is big enough to share, but who wants to? $6.50 per slice


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Become Windsor Rose Royal-tea! Celebrate our 11th year of ownership!

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To celebrate our eighth year as owners we are introducing our customers to a new loyalty program! Come in and dine and receive a punch on your card every time you visit soon you will have earned a Marlborough! For a limited time, between September 10, 2013 until September 24, 2013 come celebrate our anniversary! We are giving the gift of a cup of tea to all of our loyal patrons! We are bringing a new aroma to tease the nostrils, a new taste to quench the thirst of a fine tuned palate and an opportunity to share...

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The Marlborough – Tea for One

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A slice of Queen Victoria sponge cake, assorted finger sandwiches, and our homemade pastries with tea for one. The sandwich selections consist of egg salad, cheddar cheese with a roasted red bell pepper mixed into a spread, turkey and cranberry, and cucumber with a cream cheese and dill spread. In the event, that there are allergies or one is a vegetarian, you may substitute more of one of the sandwiches and eliminate the sandwich flavor that would be an issue. The tea may be refilled with the same flavor, a...


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Gift certificates available!

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Don’t forget to order your friends and family a gift certificate so they too can enjoy the delights of the Windsor Rose! Gift certificates are a perfect gift to give year round. They are the perfect item to celebrate special days in special ways! There is no place like the Windsor Rose to relax with a friend or family member enjoying a meal. If it a special outing like a birthday or an anniversary call ahead and make a reservation so your cherished recipient of the gift certificate gets the royal treatment!...

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Benedict Arnold Eggs & Home Fries

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Poached eggs over an English muffin with Canadian bacon and topped with hollandaise sauce, served with a side of fresh mixed fruit and Home Fries.


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Billy Bunter Breakfast

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Two strips of Applewood Smoked Bacon, Banger (British sausage), two eggs (your way), baked beans and sauteed mushrooms with your choice of toast.


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My Lord Essex Eggs

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Two eggs served your way, Home Fries with onion, red pepper, Calgary seasoning with your choice of Breakfast Sausage, Bacon or Ham with your choice of toast.


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