Did you know…
You may request special arrangements for your special events and private parties, by phone! Please call the restaurant at (352) 735-2551.

Same day reservations are by phone only!

Parties over twelve people require confirmation with ONE OF the Owners, either Paul or Marsha Goodale.


If you prefer, send us an e-mail using the Reservation form under reservations. Please allow us 24 hours to respond to email reservations.

For same day reservations, PLEASE CALL 352-735-2551!

Once you submit a reservation by email– we suggest that if you do not receive a personalized confirmation from Paul or Marsha Goodale within 24 hours of your email– it is quite possible that your request did not reach us–

so please call 352-735-2551 to confirm your reservation has been received!

* PUTTING IN AN EMAIL REQUEST FOR A RESERVATION– DOES NOT AUTOMATICALLY MEAN IT IS CONFIRMED unless you have received a personalized return email from either Paul or Marsha Goodale!

We are unlikely to grant a same day email reservation: it is best to handle same day reservations by phone to be certain we have your reservation on our books. CALL 352-735-2551!