Sorry, Breakfast is suspended until 2011

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Sorry, Breakfast is suspended until 2011

Saturday & Sunday hours will change to 11:00 am for lunch until 5:00 pm

August 04, 2020 Paul and I were diagnosed positive for COVID. Many of you know that we had to shut down immediately, and we have chosen October 01, 2020 as our reopening time. We were preparing for that date because we believed we would still be at 50% capacity which we felt we could handle. As of Sept.25, 2020 the Governor decided to take the ban off of almost every business where everyone is certain to be around more people causing the chance of COVID to continue to spread.

COVID is no farce, fake news, or a joke. We barely made it back from COVID and we are still battling daily the side-effects created by COVID. The scientists, the CDC, the doctors, or any expert does not have an answer if these symptoms will disappear or last as long as we do. COVID has affected our stamina, and our memory, and changed our bodies. We simply cannot handle the long hours we were doing pre-COVID. We will see how well we can adjust physically to doing a 12 hour day in retail, and everything else that involves being a business owner. We are hoping that all of the fatigue lifts. We have to take it slowly. Thanks in advance for understanding, Paul and Marsha Goodale

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