The Windsor has closed. Paul and Marsha Goodale have retired !

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The Windsor has closed. Paul and Marsha Goodale have retired !

A special heartfelt “Good-Bye” to all of our valued customers, friends, neighbors, and our stellar employees both past and present as we end our final day of operation on December 31, 2022.  Paul has had the longest reign in the Windsor history, at seventeen years! Alas, the time to retire has come! The Windsor Rose British Restaurant and Tea Room will no longer reside at 142 W. Fourth Avenue in historic downtown Mount Dora as of 12/31/2022. We take with us the smiles of all of our customers, the bruises of many hours of long days, and hard work, and the pride that within the walls of 142 W Fourth Avenue we made an indelible mark on the thoughts and hearts of every one that walked through our door as they became part of our history. At the end of a thirty-two year run there were many tears shed at closing, and warm embraces with customers that came by in our last few hours to say thank you, those small gestures made it all worthwhile. We know that “The Windsor Rose” held a very special place in the hearts and memories of many generations of families and that alone is a tribute worthy of summing up a life’s work for Paul and I.

If we could, we would add another twenty years to our lives to continue the stewardship of The Windsor. All of our hard work over the years was a labour of love. We hate to give it up, and hoped we could find a buyer who would take care of it and nurture it as we did.

All the rising costs of doing business have taken its toll on us physically, and mentally. The rent is being raised, all the goods cost three times as much as they were pre-COVID and we are being forced out by too much debt. It is not a new story–we are just the newest casualties of this economy.

We will always be with The Windsor in spirit—we have brought so much fun to everyone with all of our entertainers and storytellers…it is hard to leave all of that behind! The physical remnants are gone, but in our memories the Windsor will always be a bright rose that never wilts nor fades.

A special thanks to the all of the “Gagliotti’s”, Tracy, Seth, Andrea, Mark Carver, Phil and Dale who were with us until the end. Thank you to all of our customers who have brought in home baked goods, candy, mementos and cards for us and the staff over the years!

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