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A relaxing escape to British tradition in beautiful downtown Mount Dora, Florida

A tempting selection of 'English style fayre' prepared on premises daily

Gilbert welcomes you

“Hello, I’m Gilbert and I’ll be your host today. Click me to visit inside the Windsor Rose.”

Location and hours of operation

Sunday9am-11:00am Breakfast/ 11:15am- 4:00pm Lunch

Monday11am- 4:00pm


WednesdayClosed--our day off!



Saturday9am-11:00 am Breakfast / 11:15- 4:00pm Lunch

Customer Testimonials

Tea Tasting Thank you!

Just wanted to say, “THANK YOU!” for recommending the Tea Tasting at the Windsor Rose Tea Room last night! It was a very fun & educational event! 🙂 The food is also delicious! I would recommend that the next time they have a Tea Tasting, RSVP quickly, as I have a feeling it will fill up fast! 🙂
-Amber A. (retrieved from WhatToDoInMountDora.com)

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